Plex updated its subscription service price (New cable cutters beware)

Sad news to new subscribers of Plex pass, a XBMC (Xbox Media Center) like power house software competitor. They have increased their pricing for their subscription service of monthly, annual, and lifetime memberships. Starting today 9/29/2014 the price jumps to as followed, Plex Pass monthly subscriptions will increase from $3.99 to $4.99 per month. Annual Plex Pass subscriptions will increase from $29.99 to $39.99 per year. Lifetime Plex Passes will increase from $74.99 to $149.99.

Why is Plex so useful

For me I’m all able streaming  my movies, TV shows, Pictures, and music across multiple devices over my LAN (local area network) or over the Internet. Chromecast to the TV, PC to Phone or tablet, etcetera and more. It’s a great software solution to stream media to multiple devices in your house, Hotel, or office. I have a dedicated server for situations like this and it works out great. Plus I like how I can share my content to my friends over the internet and they don’t need to ask me (can you send me this file) just play and all done on their end!

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So is it (Yes or No)?

I’m a Lifetime Plex Pass user from day one and love the service, plus I love supporting development of great software. The new pricing as I told many of people to get on board ASAP is to me high in price. Starting at $149.99 today for the Lifetime Plex Pass subscription gives you Camera uploads, Plex Sync, Cloud Sync, Trailers & Extras, Free Apps on us, and Multi-User Control. The link to more information you will need is . Most of this you can get for free with Drop Box, Box, Google Drive, and many more! That would be why I would say (NO) in my personal opinion and please note I really love this software but $149.99 for the Lifetime Plex Pass subscription is outrageous and would hope they come down in price soon. The $75.00 price increase is over kill if you feel me but the services you get in question is great.

(Yes) it’s worth it because you can ala carte stream all of your media content to numerous devices including your friends and family but after they pay the price. You can download your content directly to the device before you enter an airplane plus have access to all of your files offline. Your PC becomes  your cloud storage server with all the glory as of other online cloud storage solutions. There are other free Solutions but you can try Plex for free on your Windows PC, just not on Android app, Windows 8 app, or IOS app. So I told you how I feel about Plex but let us know Is the new price change worth it to you or not! Cheers all

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