Pixel 2 XL official specs

Pixel 2 XL official specs! I think this is the one to go for!

Google held their Pixel 2/XL launch event this week and while there were plenty of leaks that lead to the specs we were to expect, we now have the official specs to look at. This post is going to get right to the point, so scroll on down to find out the Pixel 2 XL official specs from Google!

Pixel 2 XL official specs

Pixel 2 XL Specs

For the most part much of the Pixel 2 XL shares some of the same traits as the little bro Pixel 2. The major differences will be listed first.

Screen – 6.0”pOLED screen (18:9) QHD+ 2880 x 1440.

Battery – 3520 mAh battery. Up to 7 hours of go with 15 minutes of charge.

Colors – The big guy is limited on the colors, which are Just Black and Black & White (nicknames Panda).

Price – It’s a whopping extra $200 to get the XL vs the regular Pixel 2.

Other than those traits, everything else is the same as the Pixel 2. Even though there are not many differences I think this is the one to get. I like the bigger size and it comes with a larger battery. Sucks it costs so much more though. I could understand an extra hundred bucks, but goodness the phone is already high in price. At checkout with tax it costs just over one grand. Hopefully you can trade in or sell another device to help counter the costs.

For the rest of the specs, please click this LINK.


The Pixel 2 is available for pre-order at this time. There are a few ways to get yours ordered. The first is obviously from Google, however, stock is limited right now. Secondly, Verizon is the only carrier who is selling the phone. Best Buy is the other option, but at this time they are only selling the Verizon version. Although Best Buy is selling the Verizon version, it will still work on other carriers like the unlocked phone. Best Buy has a deal right now for the installment plans to save $25, which is the best way to go if you are not trading in a phone.

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