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Pixel 2 might actually impress me…

About a week ago I wrote a post explaining why I could not get excited about the Pixel 2. Up until the announcement last week I was not feeling the Pixel 2. Read the post HERE for more about those thoughts. Since the announcement though, my interest has risen. Keep reading to find out why.

Pixel 2 Problems First

There are still some concerns/issues that I have with the Pixel 2. One, the price is still way too high. Phone companies need to chill out with those steep prices! Two, the Verizon “exclusiveness” is not a good game plan. Remember when the iPhone was only with AT&T? Remember once Apple released the iPhone to all the carriers? Yeah, their sales went much better. Three, I am leery about the camera app. There have been some samples shown of the results, which look impressive for photos. However, I hope the camera app is fully loaded. I hope that the dual camera lens isn’t needed. All that said, this is what I am looking forward to.

Pixel 2 FTW Features

FRONT FACING SPEAKERS!!! Yes, they have made a comeback! The Pixel 2 now has front facing speakers. I’ve been using the iPhone 8 Plus for a couple weeks now and one of the things I love about it is the stereo front facing top speaker. It sounds really good. Also, it brings back great memories of the Nexus 6P, which to this day is one of my top favorite phones. Once you experience front facing speakers, you will want them like that on every phone you get.

Pixel 2

Bezel-less Enough – I’ve been spoiled by all the bezel-less phones from this year. The Galaxy S8, Note 8, LG G6, and upcoming iPhone X. I love the design. The Pixel 2 isn’t as bezel-less, but it’s enough. The top and bottom have some bezel, but not much. It’s just enough room for the front facing speakers, which I can totally forgive.

Edge Sense – Just like the HTC u11, you’ll be able to squeeze the sides of the phone to accomplish a certain task. After switching from the HTC u11, I miss squeezing the phone to activate my flashlight or take a screenshot.

Water-resistant! At this point in the game a flagship phone needs to be water-resistant. It’s fun to not worry about water damage and allows more creative opportunities to use the camera in wet conditions.

Pixel 2 Thoughts

Overall, the Pixel 2 seems to be up to date with the competition and seems to be able to deliver a great experience. There are some missing features like a headphone jack, etc. But I am not worries about that as I tend to use Bluetooth or car systems.

Mind, I am looking forward to the Pixel 2 XL, not the regular size. Gimme that bigger screen and battery please. I never get excited about the smaller version of a phone.

Also, one minor frustration from the announcement are the color choices. I ended up getting the Just Black as it was the best choice to arrive sooner than the rest. I really wanted the Black and White panda color, but it was not going to ships for weeks. Verizon has also claimed the cool looking blue. At this point in the game I am going to do my best to get an unlocked variant versus something coming from a carrier. Just my preference.

What about you?

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