Penguin iPhone 4/4S Case

Ever wonder if one of those inexpensive silicone cases off of Amazon and eBay are worth buying? If you could have been a fly on the wall when I presented the Penguin iPhone case to my wife as a prize and see the reaction of uttermost excitement on my two year old’s face… You would have a resounding, definite, absolute YES it’s worth it. Especially only paying a couple bucks for the case. The shipping was fast and made a nice prize.

The case is a silicone material with some extra design for the body of the penguin. There are a couple little fins and all the buttons are accessible. I like how the bottom has more support in the corners to assure the iPhone will stay in place. There are no major expectations for this case being that it is a silicone case other than the case is fun to use with the iPhone.

Blue Penguin Silicone Soft Case Cover For iPhone 4 4G 4S

Amazon Store Link.  Only $.60!

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