PDF File Editing

PDF File Editing Just Got Easier! Try Movavi and see the change

Do you have to carry on some corrections on your PDF files? It could be that you have just created the white paper for your business website and now you realize that you need to cut out some unwanted parts from it. Well, such things are not uncommon. But we all get little apprehensive when it comes to editing a PDF file given the unavailability of a proper PDF editor. However, no such worries anymore. Leading software developer Movavi has come up with a state of the art PDF editor which enables you to carry on various editing tasks on your PDF files and that too with a user-friendly interface.

Here is a brief on how conveniently you can edit your PDF file on Mac with the Movavi PDF editing software for MAC.

Step 1

The first step is to download and install Movavi PDF Editor for Mac in your Mac system.

Step 2

Next, we will have to add the PDF file that you have to edit on the Movavi Timeline. So, first, click on Open file tab & select your PDF text from your Mac folder.

Step 3

Now, we have reached the most important step of the process as this is where we will be editing the PDF file with the Movavi PDF Editor for Mac.

Just take the cursor to the left part of the Movavi PDF Editor program window. You will see a long list of pages for editing. What you have to do here is to right-click on a needed page and then choose the desired editing function. The Movavi PDF editing tool allows users to carry on various editing functions on their PDF text.  As a Movavi user, you will be able to cut out unwanted parts, copy apart from the text, rotate an inverted portion and so on. The Movavi PDF Editor for Mac even allows extracting some specific pages from the original PDF document to create a new PDF file.

Step 4

Now, we have reached the final stage of the process. You are done with the editing and now you will only need to save the file. So, go to File menu bar and click on Save As option. Enter the name of the output file and also select the folder destination where the file will be saved automatically. Now, simply click on Save and the file will be saved.

PDF File Editing

Features of Movavi PDF Editor for Mac:

  • Enables users to read industry-standard PDF files on Windows computer
  • Opens & displays images in PNG & JPG formats
  • Designed to work with several documents simultaneously
  • Performs all the basic and advanced editing functions
  • Designed to convert different file formats in PDF and then merge them

Useful tip for users

If you are short of time, you can also drag & drop your desired PDF file right from your computer folder to the Movavi program window.




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