Parental control app

Parental control app and tips for safe navigation of children in cyberspace!

You need to talk with your children about the risks and dangers that the cyberspace can harbor. It is important that you accompany them and encourage responsible use in the use of instant messaging, social networks and online searches. For your assistance, here we present you some tips that you should teach your kids and a tool to help them navigate safely have a look!

Tips you need to teach your kids:

  1. Avoid clicking on suspicious links. When you use instant messaging programs (such as MSN Messenger or any chat) or receive an email, you should never click directly on any link. If the message or mail comes from a known person, it is convenient to write that address in the browser bar. If it comes from unknown people, it is better to ignore it directly.
  2. Do not download or execute files of unknown origin. On many occasions, we receive – through instant messaging – a message from a person who invites to download a photo, a song or a video. Sometimes, that file will not have been sent by that person, but by a malicious program that infected it and is trying to spread to more users. Therefore, it is best to ask the person who sent it if it is true that you sent some content. If you answer no, it is best to inform you that you are infected and that you can put a message in your nick to let your contacts know that they do not “get infected” as well as he deletes the harmful file from his PC.
  3. Do not talk to strangers. In chats, social networks or instant messaging systems, we can never have complete security of who is on the other side, since we do not see him. Even less when it comes to online communities whose members have no prior relationship with each other. Therefore, it is advisable not to make friends with strangers and, much less, meet them in real life.
  4. Avoid providing confidential information through the Network. You should not send private information (such as address, telephone, etc.) through e-mail or instant messaging and not publish it on a blog or forum. In addition, care should be taken when creating profiles on social networks such as Facebook or Myspace, since they should not include this type of data either. In addition, it is advisable not to use the real name, but a pseudonym or “nick”.
  5. Talk with the elderly. Recommend that when you have questions about something, see something suspicious or receive offensive or dangerous emails or messages, talk to an adult.

Parental control app– The key tool!

In addition, to teach kids the basic tips for navigation, parents are recommended to monitor all their moves using the parental control app such as FamilyTime. The app helps parents:

  1. Check the web history, Bookmarks and favorites of kids and see the URLs they visit with the date and time stamps.
  2. Monitor complete list of apps installed
  3. Analyze the app usage frequency
  4. Block harmful or questionable apps and games
  5. Schedule auto screen locks on kids’ devices to manage screen time smartly
  6. Remotely lock their phone to restrict device access

Parental control app

And a lot more. To give FamilyTime app a free try, get it on your phone from the app store.

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