Best apps for Chromebooks

The ‘Chromebook’ is a product of Google’s which was announced back in 2011 with the first Chromebook release. Google first presented the Chromebook in 2009, where both applications and the users data are operated through the cloud. Which is why Chromebooks mainly run web applications. Since then ChromeOS (the Chromebooks operating system), has seen many […]

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Huawei MediaTab T3-7

New low cost tablet from Huawei under $90! Huawei MediaTab T3-7

Huawei has introduced a new lost cost tablet that costs just under $90. The new model is called the T3-7, exclusively at over 2,300 Walmart locations across the U.S. as well as at The ultra-slim, feature-rich, super-fast 7″ unit is designed to provide hours of play, entertainment, and information for all age groups. The […]

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Google I/O – Why it’s important to the everyday user

Google I/O 2017 is a developer conference. It began yesterday and continues through tomorrow in San Francisco. So, why should the everyday smartphone/tech user care? Think about where all the cool, new tech comes from. Yes, Google drives it with all the ground-breaking projects that they originate, but who brings them to us, the consuming […]

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HTC U 11

Exclusive HTC U 11 production tour! Factory, Design Studio, and R&D Labs.

Exclusive HTC U 11 production tour! HTC hosted a media tour of their facilities that included the factory, Design Studio, and R&D Lab to some influencers on Monday, May 15, 2017. After seeing first hand of what goes into making HTC devices, I have new appreciation of the company and process of making a device! Their […]

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