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We lost someone dear to our Android Community

How does one even title a post such as this? RIP? You will be missed? There really are no words to express the loss that took place Sunday…

Monday morning I was scrolling through my Facebook feed to discover the news about the passing of Joel Michael, the founder of Cruzerlite. Unfortunately, there was a fatal car wreck that took his life.

Joel was 30 years old, married to Renee, and the father of three kids. My prayers and thoughts go out to the family during this time of loss.

joel michael cruzerlite

Cruzerlite was one of the first case companies that allowed me to review their products. Even to this day I love their Android themed cases! One of my all-time favorite cases to get for any Android phone. I’ve done tons of reviews about their cases. I loved the way the case themes captured Android enthusiasm. If you are an Android fanatic, Cruzerlite was the best case to get, and still is to show off your Android pride.

The product itself was great, but it was the man running the show that meant more. Joel was an easy guy to talk to and work with. I remember talking to him on the phone a few times and he would discuss his ideas, thoughts, and insight to how Cruzerlite can succeed, but also help others succeed. It was the coolest thing to get a call from him while he was overseas to talk to me. I was honored he thought to call me. I wasn’t (still not) a big YouTube channel or anything like that, but he still thought of me. Shows great character to look out for even the small guys.

Joel Michael Cruzerlite

The beautiful thing about the Android community is the togetherness and looking out for other fans. When I started reviewing products I was into the rooting and modding game. It’s part of my origin story of how I got involved with Android and the fan base. One of the best events I have ever been to concerning tech was the Big Android BBQ. That’s where I got to meet Joel in person.

The Big Android BBQ was a place for developers and enthusiasts to come nerd out, have fun, and meet others in the Android community.

I’ll never forget the Big Android BBQ 14 and one of the first memories was getting to the venue just about before anyone else did and Joel, along with Renee were there in the parking lot. Got to shoot the breeze a little and hangout at the event. Seeing Cruzerlite, Joel, and Renee at the Big Android BBQ was one of the major highlights of the event!

Many others in the Android community can tell you that he was the best boss, great mind, and overall just a good man. He will be missed. The world is missing out on having Joel around.

My heart is heavy for Renee and the kids. Thank you Renee for allowing me to write this post.

Joel, rest in peace…

What was your favorite Cruzerlite case? Mine was the Experience Case.

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