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7 must-have wireless charging gadgets

‘What would you like to have, Sir?’, ‘A double Mac with cheese and a charging port will do!’ This is what conversations at fast food chains might look like in the near future. And no, we are not talking about the conventional wired AC supply, we are talking about ‘spots’ inside these restaurants where wireless pods will be made available for the users. Freely, or at a fixed fee, is something that can be speculated about. And that’s only about restaurants and cafes, the world of gadgets (like smart phones and tablets) will achieve a total overhaul once the manufacturers start to develop wireless chargers and help the world get rid of the several millions of kilometers worth of the ‘cable jungle’ created by these charging adapters. Some tangled, while others cut-off and taped to keep them operational. And to revolutionize the world of wireless charging, the two consortiums, Qi (pronounced ‘Chee’, referring to the unit of energy flow in Chinese) and PMA (Power Matters Alliance) have come up with some bewildering gadgets. Let’s have a look at some of them:

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Wireless charging mat by PMA

The most widely known gadget by PMA is its wireless charging mat. A simple and straight forward module that has a smooth, oval-shaped surface where the PMA enabled devices can be kept for powering up. The best part about the mat is that two users can charge the device on the same mat at the same time! The drawback being the fact that it is presently compatible with only a few number of devices from Kyocera mobile -the DuraForce PRO, the DuraForce E6560 and Hydro ICON C6730. Further limitations include the inability to work with Verizon and US cellular networks.

Anker PowerPort Wireless Charging Pad 10

Another well-known wireless module is the PowerPort Pad by Anker for Qi enable devices. The nomenclature has been chosen based on the fact that it delivers a whopping 10-Watt power! But this comes with a tiny drawback which demands the module to be connected to a dedicated Quick Charge 3.0 charger through a wall cable. Which means it can allow high energy-demanding devices to be charged at a rate faster than the original cable itself! Looks wise; the Anker PowerPort is slim, smooth and lightweight. It has been given grips at the bottom end to provide the extra friction and stability while placed for usage.

Samsung Charging Pad

Enter the dragon! After the Samsung watch, the Samsung VR and other dedicated gadgets, Samsung users can boss around some more with a wireless charger dedicated for Samsung devices. Oh! And did we forget to mention that Qi compatible devices can also make use of this pad? Now, that’s some hard-work and generosity shown by the Samsung Engineers. Speaking about the design, the flying saucer shaped charging port has two rings made of rubber – one at the center and the other at the edge. This allows firm gripping of the smart phones. On top of this, the pad has been fitted with an internal cooling fan in case someone over uses it. You may purchase Samsung charging pad and several other accessories by using the Argos discount codes. Have a look.

Satechi Wireless Charging Pad

If budget is a concern, then the Satechi charging pad can be an alternative to Samsung’s masterpiece. It’s built with a stylish design with an array of colors on demand. The list of colors includes Space Gray, Rose Gold, Silver and Gold. The body is a metallic replica of the Samsung’s charging pad with a rubber cross right in the middle to grip the phone and prevent it from sliding off. The Satechi charging pad can be used for Qi compatible devices as well. Now that’s not a bad choice, is it?

Ventev Wireless Charging Stand

A charging port for both, Qi and PMA compatible devices? Say no more. The Ventev Wireless Charger with an exhilarating 15-Watt output supply (15, you read that right) reminds the users of the chargers that used to come with old Alcatel and Samsung phones. We would call this as a smartly designed stand since the main charging pad can be removed and adjusted according to the position and space available. The pad is supported by Aluminum frames which further enable a safe positioning and re-positioning of the device. This frame can be detached and taken around whenever required.

Wireless Car Charger for Cars by Montar

All this talk about wireless charging is bound to make you get used to the technology more than what it was meant for. But, there is nothing to worry about as the wireless car charger by Montar will get your smart phone up and running even during your long road trips. The design is pretty similar to the usual car chargers that look like a baby seat for your mobile phones, pasted on the dash boards above the AC and electronic compartment. It is available for Qi compatible devices and has a power delivery of up to 2A for fast charging modes.

Woodpuck wireless charging pod

Most of the wireless chargers that we have talked about have a very conventional UFO type of design and build. But the Woodpuck by Fonesalesman is something that will attract your attention beyond limits as its pod is fabricated with the authentic Mao Zhu bamboo!Imagine the feel it would give sitting beside a dwarf tree on your bed-side shelf. You can even choose from a variety of coffee-brown colors like Latte, Macchiato and Espresso. That’s enough of internet for the day, we suppose.

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