T-Mobile REVVL

T-Mobile REVVL smartphone available TODAY! “Premium Features” at $125?!

  Today, T-Mobile’s newest smartphone, the REVVL® was released. One of the biggest deals (all the puns intended) about this phone, is that it is only $0 up front and $5/month or $125, but it promotes “Premium Features” like 5.5″ HD display, 2GB RAM, expandable storage, 13MP rear-facing camera, 3,000mAh battery, fingerprint reader, and Android 7.0+ “Nougat.” […]

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t-mobile smartpick

T-Mobile smartpick will set you up with a smartphone for $5-$8/Month!

T-Mobile is also introducing Smartpicks starting this week. Smartpicks pretty much is a list of decently cool stuff on a budget. Every smartphone on the list is between $5/month- $8/month with no money down and an 18 month agreement. Also, Smartpick is only available in stores or call 1-866-943-4683. Current Smartpick Compatible Smartphones T-Mobile REVVL ($0 down […]

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The Essential Phone – has this become a saga?

I think so. In my last article (essential-phone-andy-rubin-listening), I posted the email that all of us who have pre-registered received, giving hope that the ph1 (the Essential Phone) would arrive very soon. Four days ago, it showed up on Best Buy’s website as” Coming Soon”. That has not changed as of this morning (07/08/2017). So, […]

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