OnePlus 2 shareable invites rolling out (plus a giveaway)

This morning OnePlus is sending out shareable invites for the OnePlus 2. Looks like we are in the phase of getting those invites rolling out now. It has taken about a month to get to this point, but it’s finally here.

If you are not familiar with how the invite system works or has worked here is a brief summary. The only way to buy the OnePlus 2 at this point from OnePlus is via invitation. The invites expire after so many hours. Most expire within 24 or 48 hours. You have to buy within the time frame given.

There are a few ways to try to get an invite as soon as you can by being active in the OnePlus forums, reserving your spot, or by winning through some contests blogs host. The last way to get an invite is from someone who has a shareable invite and those people who have shareable invites are only from those who have bought the device already. With that said, just because someone has bought a OnePlus 2 does not mean they have an invite to share.

For example, I bought the OnePlus 2 during launch week, but it was not until this point that I was given a shareable invite. Hopefully this clears things up a little and saves everyone from beggars.

With all that being said, I want to give our viewers/readers a chance to win an invite. To do so please use the giveaway form below. There are a few ways to gain entries, the contest will last for 2 days, the winner must reply within 24 hours to claim the invite, then the winner only has limited time to buy. SO if you win make sure you are ready to drop the cash to buy it. Good luck!

OnePlus 2 Invite Giveaway


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