Best iOS 9 features


1.  iOS 9 low battery mode
When iOS 9 is released later this year, Apple has created a new system-wide ‘Low power mode’ so that it will help extend your battery life. Also they say that your phone should last around an hour longer thanks to their power saving tweaks throughout the UI (user interface). Once your phone gets to around 20% battery a warning comes up as normal saying ‘low battery,’ but however in iOS 9 you will have an option to switch on low power mode which turns your phone into a ‘power saving freak’. This means that it will lower CPU usage, turn down brightness, limits performance, and reduces vibration and location services. Also app which require syncing may not sync unless the app is open to help conserve battery life. Apple claim it will increase battery life up to 3 hours, which should be very helpful to iOS users.

2. Do this while you do that
With Split View you can simultaneously have two apps open and active at the same time displayed on your screen. This feature is similar to Samsung’s ‘Multi-Window’ feature, where you can have two apps open and active at the same time. With this feature on both Apple and Samsung’s version you can adjust the size of both apps, when they are side by side, by moving the adjustment tab in the middles. In addition to Split View, they announced Slide Over which allows you to swipe over a second app without leaving the app that you’re in so that you can quickly check scores, maps or jot something down in a note. Once you’re done you can quickly swipe the app away and get back to what you were doing.

3. Siri, your new proactive assistant
Siri is now more intelligent, this means that Siri can search a wider range of topics and can provide a wider range of answers. To the far left of the iPhone’s home screen lies popular contacts, most used apps, and news aggregated based on your searches and the new news app. The new home screen to the far left is similar to Android GoogleNow where Google suggest places to eat based on your location, places to visit, movies to watch etc.. There are new features integrated into iOS 9, for example when you receive an email with a flight reservation or a restaurant reservation iOS 9 will automatically add it to your calendar so you don’t forget.


4. 3D touch
This is a hardware feature which at the moment is exclusive to the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus, but most likely will come to the next line of iPads. 3D touch is basically the same as Force touch for the Apple watch as the displays are pressure sensitive. Apple calls it the ‘Pop’ and ‘Peek’ which if your hold down lightly you can briefly view emails, text, or photos and if you press a little harder it opens the full app. This ‘Pop and Peek’ methods also works in the home screen where you can hold down on the camera icon and it will give you options where you can hold your finger down and slide to chose your option weather it be take a selfie, record a video, record slo-mo or take a picture. This ‘3D touch’ can be used to switch between apps with a hard press on the left hand side of the display.

5. This one’s noteworthy
The new notes app in iOS has just got better. You can now create checklist to help you keep organized on those busy days. Now you can add a photo to help you illustrate your ideas, a map or web link so you can always come back to it later. With the new note app you can now sketch with your finger to help you express your notes further. In addition to this, your notes are now saved to the cloud with iCloud so when you make changes on one device it will automatically update on all your other devices.

6. A new way to News
In iOS 9 Apple has created a new news app. The new news app (say that 1o times fast) aims to help you ‘make sure you’re not missing the next big story.’ It does this by aggregating news topics your interested in and provides a beautiful reading experience by optimizing to which ever device you have.

7. Apple maps now shows public transport
Now in iOS 9 you can now view all the different public transport lines in your area. This allows you to see the different lines and stations for the buses, metro, train or ferries. This feature will allow you to know exactly where it will be going, so your not late to that conference. At the time of release this will only be available for select city around the world.

8. Apple Pay
Apple Pay and Apple’s new wallet app is there answer to your new virtual wallet. With Apply Pay you will be able to use your iPhone to register your gift cards and or credit/debit cards which you will then be apple to pay for things with your iPhone or your Apple watch. All you have to do is double click the home button to access your cards as you select one, then hover it above the wireless NFC (near field communication) receiver and securely pay for your items with touch ID.
9. iCloud Drive
With iOS 9 the new iCloud Drive app is built in and can be enabled and disabled with a single toggle. It is basically like Google Drive where you can access you files, photo and videos all in one place. It has a universal search within the app to find specific files in your iCloud account quickly and effortlessly. You can even make folders to help keep everything organised.

There are a few more features that come with iOS 9 like the improved security with the new 6 pin password, Siri always listening so you can say ‘Hey Siri’ and ask a question instead of holding down the home button. Additionally, future updates will take up less memory as iOS 9 will only be 1.3GB, and when you plug-in your earphone it will automatically start to play your last song or podcast. A similar feature to Android is that you can ask Siri ‘show me pictures from last April’ and it will search through your photos which saves you time scrolling.


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