Official Galaxy S22 Ultra Cases

Official Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Cases [Video]

Official Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Cases. Here are 5 of the many options of cases Samsung has to offer for the S22 Ultra. In my opinion, for the options out there, the official Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra cases are the best ones to invest in. In my other post/video that goes over other brands, the Mous case is another nice option. For this post, I want to focus on the official cases made by Samsung. Spoiler alert, I like the Leather Cover the most. It’s what has been living on my S22 Ultra the longest. 

Official Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Cases

If you want to skip to certain case models you can click the Chapters to go to that spot in the video. Once you have watched the video, let me know in the comments what case you like the most and why.

Are there any cases you would like me to review?

Some of the things I judge a case on include how well the case fits, if the buttons are tactile, the materials used, and now that MagSafe is out there, I would LOVE if other case makers would adopt that ecosystem. Other factors would include the cost to quality,

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