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Gimbal Tips and Tricks for Real Estate Videos // Manfrotto MVG460

Gimbal Tips and Tricks for Real Estate Videos using the Manfrotto MVG460. Simple gimbal movements to help improve real estate videos. Gimbal movements do not have to be complicated to get great video shots. Real estate videos are a perfect example of how using a gimbal can take the production quality to another level! In this video, I am using the Manfrotto MVG460

Gimbal Tips and Tricks Video

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Manfrotto Gimbal Review

Overall – This gimbal get the job done. It can hold a good amount of weight, up to about 10LBS. The battery life has been good enough to get me throughout the work day. I like the fact there are interchangble batteries, which allows you to get extras incase you might need more juice. You can also charge the batteries remotely and you don’t have to disaasemble the gimbal to charge.

The Manfrotto Gimbal comes with an arm extension which gives the ability to add some extra accessories, such as a camera monitor. The gimbal is easy to balance and make adjustments.

However, I don’t like the fact that you have to balance the gimbal everytime you want to use the gimbal coming out of the foam case. The case is cut to size of the gimbal, so you can only fit the gimbal back in the case in a certain way. There are locks for each axis, which is nice to make sure the gimbal stays in it’s adjustments.

Manfrotto has an app that gives a little more control over the gimbal. The only other complaint I have is the gimbal’s thumbstick. It’s the style I like.

Something to keep in mind, when I tried to use my Sony 24-105 f4 lens, the gimbal did not like the extra zoom lengths. My advice it to use a lighter weight prime lens or zoom lens like the Tamron 28-75mm.


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