Nexus 6P Wood Skin by Toast – Review & Installation

When I heard that Toast was making a case for the Nexus 6P I was anxious to get one installed on my 6P! Toast makes one of the most unique device accessories with their wood skins. These skins are made from real wood, not vinyl plastic material. Thier skins seriously look amazing!

Many phones these days come with some sort of premium material like metal, wood, or leather. The OnePlus One was one (whoa! so much one) of my favorite textures that has ever been on a phone. So much so that I had to find a case with a similar finish as the Sandstone Black. From that point on I had a special appreciation for quality materials on a phone. This year we have been endowed with those choices. The LG G4 has leather removable backs, the Galaxy lineup now has glass, Motorola lets you choose between a soft grip, wood, or leather, and Huawei spoiling us with aluminum bodies. As much as I love having these choices I still have the need to protect these phones. Cases of course are the first thing that comes to mind, but there are not many that give you a premium feel like the phone offers. This is where Toast excels!


Protection – Toast skins are minimal in bulk and as mentioned above made with real wood. It gives you more protection than was a vinyl skin would give, but a less than what a standard case would give with drops. It’s kinda common knowledge that skins don’t give much drop protection, so don’t expect it to save your phone from a hard drop. Although it does increase the chances of survival compared to having nothing installed or even a vinyl skin. Because the material is wood there is going to be some shock absorption.

Toast offers options for what pieces you want included with the kit. You can either just get the back piece or with a front piece. Personally, I do not like to install the front piece because I have tempered glass screen protector installed. An option is if you like screen protection is to use a normal screen protector and cut it to size; if you want to use the front piece. Either way the skin is going to look great.

nexus 6p

Personalization/ Customization – Toast not only provides a great wood skin, they let you take it to another level with color options and etching. Toast offers four colors – walnut, bamboo, ebony or ash. Best of all with the Nexus 6P setup is that you can choose a different color for the camera visor area. For example, I chose the walnut main back and ebony for the camera visor. I was torn with what combo I wanted to go with, but I am very happy with what I chose. I think the ebony matches well with the black camera visor theme of the Nexus 6P. The other combo I was thinking of doing was ebony as the main color and walnut as the camera visor, which would look pretty sharp as well.

Toast woos skins are a 10 in my books, but to take it to an 11 you can get personalized etching in the wood! I asked for Toast to etch Nexus to keep the Nexus theme on the phone. But there are tons of predesigned etchings to choose from or you can request something else. If I wanted to have my Bane Tech logo etched into the skin they could do that.

nexus 6p

Build Quality –  So how does the skin fit? Like a glove! The skin is perfectly cut and all cutouts lineup just right. The edge of the skin stops on the chamfered edges and I love that because it highlights the glimmer it gives off. Very cool effect.

The button covers are just ok to me, but this is my preference speaking. The button covers cause the tactile button press to not happen. The buttons still press just fine, but you lose that nice clicking the Nexus 6P has. Not a deal breakers, but a bummer, and just something I will have to get used to.

The sim card tray is covered as well and has a pin hole cutout to be able to access the tray as normal.

The color of the buttons match the camera visor piece, which is a wonderful design. I really like how they match together.

The front panel while not installed I was able to see that there is a missing cutout for the led notification light. Hopefully in an updated version they will include the cutout, but for this batch users are going to miss out on the led notification light. Before installing you could try to make a small cutout yourself, but that’s at your own risk.

nexus 6p

My biggest complaint about the skin is that after putting this in my pocket the edges tend to collect pocket lint. The lint easily is removed with a gentle swipe, but puts a damper on how nice the skin looks. Hopefully over time and sooner than later, the lint will not collect due to the edges dulling out the stickiness. Got to keep in mind that the edges have the sticker material. I will update this post if the skin stops collecting lint.

Final Thoughts

Even with the minor issues of the missing pinhole cutout for the led notification light and the lint collecting, this skin still rocks! I love the fact that it feels like I don’t have a case or skin installed. It’s as if the wood is part of the phone. If you’ve never tried a Toast wood skins give em a shot, you’d probably not want to go back to case again! At least that’s the case for me (so much pun!).

What colors or designs are you interested in? Leave a comment below.

Continue reading for installation tips.

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Installation Tips

This was a rather easy installation, but that’s keeping in mind that I have had a lot of experience installing skins and screen protectors. Either way, if you follow the included instructions, take in my tips, and watch both their video and mine, you will have a successful install.

I highly recommend watching the videos before installing your skin. 

My Tips:

  • Clean the back of the phone with the included wet wipe, but use a microfiber cloth to dry the back. The cloth was not included in the kit.
  • Don’t peal off the skin paper yet!
  • Practice lining up the skin with the paper on the skin still. This will help you identify landmarks to help align the skin on the phone. Such as the camera, mic, and fingerprint sensor.
  • Peal off the paper half way and fold it back.
  • Only line up the camera, but don’t stick the skin on just yet.
  • Line up the skin with the camera, mic, and fingerprint sensor and tack a couple spots down. Don’t press it all down yet.
  • Peal the rest of the skin paper off.
  • Center up the USB port with the port cutout.
  • Once perfectly lined up tack down the middle of the skin going from top to bottom.
  • Double check to make sure everything is lined up correctly.
  • Begin to smooth out the skin on the back.
  • Start to fold over the edges with the flat of your finger.
  • The buttons and sim tray areas should fall in place and continue to smooth out the edges. I smoothed out the left and right sides before the top and bottom.
  • Next, install the button and sim tray covers.

For the front panel you can use the same idea of only pealing off the paper half way, line up the camera and speaker grill, tack it down, peal the rest of the paper off, line up the bottom speaker grill, and then smooth out the rest.

Seems like a lot of steps, but it’s really not as bad as it looks. Being that the skin is stiff it really help with lining things up because it’s not flimsy.

Let me know if you have any questions and how your install turned out by leaving a comment below.

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