The New Moto X

Finally!! Motorola has officially announced the new Moto X. The rumors are gone and that’s the OFFICIAL name. And it was worth the wait. With a larger 5.2 inch screen, up from the 4.7 inch of last year, it may not be the choice of those who want smaller screens, but everything else about it shows that Motorola still cares about the experience of the user. It still has the beautiful AMOLED screen and the display has been bumped up to 1080p. Now, with an aluminum frame, it seems to be more quality and refined. You still have the choices for the back (bamboo, teak, walnut and ebony), but you can now choose to go leather in four different colors, if you prefer.

The camera now has a circular housing with dual LEDs and the 13 megapixel rear shooter is said to be better than last year’s disappointing camera. Still with the ‘flick you wrist’ action to launch the camera. With a couple of new gallery additions and a new Highlight Reel feature for videos, it seems to be nicely upgraded.

The things we loved like Touchless Control (renamed to Moto Voice), Touchless Display (now Moto Display), Moto Assist with driving and do not disturb modes are still there. And an added option, Moto Actions, which uses four IR ports in front to recognize hand gestures, which lets you wave over the phone to silence alarms, reject calls or show other relevant information. Motorola Connect allows you to get text messages and notifications on your computer continue to be there and finally, a new Attentive Display will watch your face, keeping the screen on while you’re looking at it, but putting it to sleep quicker if you’re not.

All in all, Motorola has made a great phone even better as they continue to give users what they want and enjoy. As before, maybe not the best smartphone on the planet, but possibly, the most satisfying. The Moto X will be available later this month in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. In the U.S., it will hit some carriers at $99 on contract, and will be $499 off-contract and unlocked.

Source: Android Central

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