Multi-function Dock USB Charger for the Samsung Galaxy SIV S4 offers an inexpensive charging/sync dock for the Galaxy S4 (it is compatible with any device with a charging set up like the GS4). The material is made of plastic and has a non-slip bottom to help keep the dock in place on a smooth surface. The finish is glossy and you the choice between black and white; perfect to mix-n-match or match colors of whatever GS4 you have. The plastic seems somewhat durable, but would not trust it lasting through rough use. While this dock is compact and portable, I recommend using the dock as a stationary charging station.


To use the dock simply fold back the front lid and place the device down on the usb connection. A data/sync short cable is included with the kit, but you have the option to use any data/sync cable such as the cable that came with your device. When you are not using the dock you can fold down the lid, store the dock elsewhere or leave as is on a desktop.

My favorite feature for this dock is that you are able to have a case installed and still use the dock with the case on the phone. For this review I had a Cruzerlite case installed and the dock worked perfectly. For me a deal breaker is whether or not a dock is compatible with cases on a device. I rarely ever not have a case on my phone and I consider having to take off a case to use an accessory a pet peeve.

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