MiniSuit Samsung Galaxy S4 Kinnect Rubber Trim Case + Screen Protector (Frost/Gray)

The MiniSuit Samsung Galaxy S4 Kinnect Rubber Trim Case is made from two types of material; polycarbonate and TPU. The Frost color is the polycarbonate and the gray trim is TPU. Both materials are durable and will give you protection against bumps, scrapes and scratches. This case is strong enough to withstand a decent drop. To the touch of the case, it is smooth but not slippery. The edges are rounded which all this together makes for a pocketable case.


The installation is simple, all you have to do is basically snap the case on and work your way around the edges for a nice secure fit. If you need to uninstall the case, it is easy to take off. The power and volume controls have covers and are relatively easy to press. All buttons and ports are accessible.


I like the design of the see through material because if you like to install skins on your device you can have the cool design of the skin, plus the protection of the case. Win win in my opinion. The gray trim is a nice touch as well. The case is a thin. It is raised above the screen which is nice if you like to place the device face down on a flat surface.

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