Make Nav Bars great again

Let me paint a picture for you.

So you have just spent the last 3 hours perfecting your Android setup, it’s almost complete. But there is something missing and you’re not sure what it is. What you need is the ‘Navbar Apps’ app! This will help to complete any setup and make your whole Android experience, just that much better.

With the Navbar Apps you can change the color of the navigation bar to coordinate with different applications. You can also select one color for the whole OS, or the navigation bar a battery percentage widget or an actual image.


Coloured bar

With the Navbar app you can change the color of the Navigation bar so that it coordinates with the app. This just makes each app experience more complete with the colored status bar and nav bar. You can also a specific color, so that it is persistent throughout the whole OS. This makes you make your android phone more unique and stand out!


Nav Bars

A neat feature which the app developer has included is using the navbar as the battery indicator. In Android you have to enable system UI tuner to enable the battery percentage or download an app. This can become very hard to read at times.


Nav Bars
Finally, the last feature is that you are able to set custom images as a background for your navbar. This is great they have a bunch to choose from, but for $0.99 you can unlock the ability to choose your own images. You could really go to town with this and create something unique to fit your style or something which matches your theme!

The best part is that it is free and also doesn’t require root!




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