Liberty in North Korea CaseCrown iPhone 5/5s Case

CaseCrown Giving Partnership is teamed up with Liberty in North Korea (aka LiNK). This is an awesome organization who helps refugees escaping the oppression in North Korea. They not only rescue them but they help direct them on a path for a happy, successful life.

Part of American history we read about the underground railroad from when slavery was part of our country and while I am thankful there is not legalized slavery in America anymore, it is out of sight and out mind for the most part here in the USA. Unfortunately, slavery, genocide, and other human rights violations happens all over the world and North Korea is no exception.

Take a look at the video by CaseCrown, which explains more about their partnership to help refugees in North Korea.

As Mat points out in the video, the LiNK Glider case is the expected quality from CaseCrown cases. But this case is something special. 100% of the proceeds go towards LiNK. So not only to you get a great case, you get to make a difference in a refugee’s life.

As far as the case goes, a glider case is one of my favorite style cases. The material is tough and the fit is snug. All the edges are covered and the protection is simply great. Unless you are looking for extreme rugged protection, this style case you can’t go wrong with.

The design looks sweet! I am sure some heads will turn when they see the case and more than likely ask about it. Meaning this case will present an opportunity to talk about LiNK. Personally, I love conversation starters like how this case will provide.

Lastly, this is an article I want you to share. Not for the sake of promoting CaseCrown or Bane Tech, but to help spread the message about such a great cause that LiNK is doing. Helping rescue refugees from North Korean oppression. Thanks for reading about CaseCrown’s partnership with LiNK, please forward this to your social networks and let’s get the word out about LiNK.

If you are interested in purchasing this case, you can grab it HERE. Remember 100% of the proceeds go toward LiNK.

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