Lesson of Fasting

My church (Church at the Crossing) is currently going through a 21 day fast corporately. We are seeking after God and being obedient to His leadership as He says in the Bible “When you fast…” Many us are excited and expectant for what is in store for us as we go through the fast together.

My personal history of fasting has not been a stellar attempt fasting as a lifestyle. I have done a few here and there. In the past I chose to just liquids and that was such a challenge. Especially because I was working in the Lawn Care industry. Fortunately, I had my best friend John who worked, lived with me and went to the same church. He was a constant encouragement. We have a few good stories from the experience from fasting together or by ourselves. Good times, good times.

This year 2013 I am glad to have a Pastor who cares and loves for his flock and wants to lead us towards God’s presence. For the most part the church is doing a Daniel Fast. Since this is a corporate fast, I do feel like I need to fast in secret. Those will come in the future. But I am doing a modified Daniel Fast. Which is basically no meats and sweets. But not being legalistic about the sweets. Pretty much no extras, deserts or candy type of sweets. I started out, to be honest, doing a whimpy fast. I was just going to fast deserts and sodas. Well, that wasn’t enough. I was talking with God and we both were pretty like, “Josh, you can do better.” SO we decided to do the modified Daniel Fast.

At times I have craved some sweets. Especially with the left over candies from Christmas. But the sweets wasn’t bugging me too much. Cutting out the meats however…goodness. Each meal I feel like I need more! I can eat a TON of food but without the meat its just not the same or enough. I am left wanting more. So God began to speak to me. This fast is a comparison with how I want (or need to want) God more. It is just not enough to consume my hobbies, earthly relationships, going to church or any of the activities I love to do. They are nice compliments to life. But God is the meat. God is what hit the spot! When I pursue HIm, get in His presence and love on Him I get the meat my soul needs!

…(While I am typing this out I am listening to the bands playlist for Sunday morning worship and I am getting rocked. Holy Spirit! C’mon! Thank you for your presence!)…

So back to typing 🙂

God is what fills. He is what we need. He literally fills that void. I was talking with my wife about what I was learning from the fast. I was like its so much like life, salvation and our relationship with God. Keeping in mind the concept of God as the meat. I can’t just have that one good meaty meal and be satisfied, nurtured or filled for the rest of my life. I have to have the meat each and every day. I have to have the meat throughout the day. I have to have God throughout my day. Everyday.


I pray that this lesson resounds throughout my life of that fact that I need you throughout my day. Let me not forget how much I need you and everything else no matter how good it is, that I need you, the meat. You are where its at! Your presence is Heaven to me!


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