The CASECROWN Omni Case is one of a kind. Personally I love options and the Omni Case does just that. To the naked eye the Omni looks like an average snap on case. But behold the Omni isn’t just about looks. It is a multifunctional case for the iPhone 5. Not only do you get a protective, sleek case…you get a kickstand, magnetic features and earphone storgage. What other case can do ALL that while remaining slim? (If you can answer that, please let me know. I’m interested).


The Omni Case is made from a durable material that is formed to fit perfectly and snug. The entire back is protected (even without the magnetic attachment). Most of the edges are covered. The left and right side is covered up. The top and bottom are left exposed. When leaving the magnetic attachment installed it will give you that extra layer of protection.


Let’s go over what I like out of a case. Some of the most important features that I look for in a slim case is pocketability, all edge protection and durable material. I also like the edge of the case to raised above the screen. The Omni fits this mold 3/4. The top and bottom of the phone is left exposed. But the benefit of the exposure is that all accessories, chargers and ports are accessible.

Now to cover the most unique features of the Omni. The magnetic attachment. The MA is multifunctional. It can be used as a kickstand, earphone storage or for any magnetic surface purpose. Some ideas I have had to use the MA to fullest potential is:

  • For cooking. Attach to the refrigerator and you can read recipes.
  • Listen to music while in the kitchen. Could add to the cooking/cleaning experience.
  • Listen/watch a cooking show.
  • While in the kitchen you can listen to class notes, lecture notes, sermons, podcasts, etc.
  • Answer phone calls while in the kitchen using the speakerphone.
  • Mechanics can attach the phone/case to a magnetic surface such as a toolbox or vehicle. You can have instructions, manuals or guides to refer to while keeping handsfree.
  • There are instructional videos that could be used while working.
  • You could also answer phone calls while keeping your device grease free.

There are many creative ways to use this case. Pretty much if there is a magnetic surface you can use the case on it. Other features of the MA is the kickstand. This is good for watching movies or as a desk clock. The kickstand shape can also be used to store your earphones. I imagine this would be useful if you like to put your phone/earphones in a bag or purse. If you are going to use this function in pants pockets, you’re probably going to need loose pockets or cargo style pants.

Final Thoughts:

This is truly a unique and versatile case. The Omni looks great and comes with many color options. The Omni gives you many choices of how you can use the case which allows you to open opportunities for more uses of your device. I like it. If you are looking for a slim case that gives more features than your average slim case, check this one out.

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