What was the last app you purchased and why is it so special to you?

Android users get dinged when it comes to purchasing apps, yes we have unknown sources within the settings. Side loading apps can be an option, but not a solution. I feel that most people purchase apps for their respected device because they need and want them. Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and others I asked this same question! What was the last app you purchased and why is it so special to you?


I asked this question to many different groups of people and got random results. Trivia Crack a free app for gamers, the first thing out of their mouth even after saying paid apps. On the other hand was apps like Delayed Lock from people that care about security! But the number one thing I ran into was that people haven’t purchase apps in a long time! I will end this here and ask you the same question. What was the last app you purchased and why is it so special to you? Yes I feel you and note it does sound crazy, but having people not knowing what to say was baffling to me!

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