Just Like Glass Screen Protector.

DBAcases.com offers the Just Like Glass Screen Protector. This is a quality screen protector and has some nice technology built in.

Description (from DBAcases):

  • The most optically clear film on the market which allows you to enjoy the full HD experience on your phone.
  • They repel oils, ink, makeup, grime, and strong chemicals.
  • They have the lowest light distortion. (Third Party Laboratory Tested)
  • They will never stain, haze, or cloud.
  • They will never have the “Orange Peel” of other screen protectors.
  • They are “Smoother than Glass”. They have such a flat finish that the surface friction is less. This makes them 20% smoother than the actual glass.
  • There is no plastic feel at all. It’s like touching glass.
  • They are the only film you can get that is not only scratch resistant but also resistant to screen breakage. The film increases the break resistance of the glass by 35%.
  • The film will last the longest of any on the market. Testing showed that while a regular screen protector shows wear after 345 uses while Just Like Glass® will not see any evidence of wear over 10,000 uses.
  • Made In The USA.
  • Includes Instruction Card, Microfiber Cloth, Spray Bottle, and 1 Screen Protector.


The packaging includes a descriptive detailed instruction guide which ensure successful installation. Be careful to read each step before doing anything.

Basic Steps:

  • Wash your hands.
  • Wipe down the screen. Make sure there is nothing on the screen.
  • Spray your fingertips.
  • Peel the protector from the film.
  • Spray the sticky side liberally.
  • Do not spray the phone itself.
  • Do not touch the sticky side.
  • Hold the four corners and begin to lineup the edges with the screen.
  • Slowly and carefully place the protector on the screen.
  • Use the home button and other features to use as a guide for lining up straight.
  • Once lined up, let the protector fall in place. If the protector falls in place correctly and straight, get a card/squeegee ready to use.
  • Start in the middle and work the mist to the edge of the device. Divide the process in four sections. Once all areas are worked out, use a cloth to wipe away remaining moisture.
  • Inspect the screen and work out any major bubbles out.
  • It is recommended to let leave the screen alone for at least a few hours up to 12 hours. Any remaining bubbles should disappear within those hours.


UPDATE: The Just Like Glass is now offered in FULL cut. The unit send to us was an almost cut. So that is GOOD news. Very cool for DBA to look out for the customers needs. They are also working on a “squeegee” design. SO stayed tuned. 

The installation was simular to an InvisibleSHIELD screen protector. However, the material is different. The invisibleSHIELD has a rubbery/plastic feel and the Just Like Glass feels more like a “normal” material. Once the installation is complete the actual feel indeed does feel like glass. There is not a feel of a screen protector on the screen, which is a big +1 in my opinion. Generally I really like the naked touch of the natural screen on a device.

The technology developed in the Just Like Glass screen protector is impressive. It gives a 35% more protection against cracks and drops than a standard screen protector or no screen protector installed. The screen protector is resistant against dirt, oils and scratches. This is an affordable, worthy, investment for your device.

There are only two things that I would change. One is that the screen protector does not cover the front edge to edge, but it does cover the entire screen area though. The GS3 makes is difficult for accessory companies to make full coverage screen protectors because of the curved design on the body of the GS3. Two, a card is included in the packaging, but I like the squeegee that Zagg includes with their screen protectors. The squeegee is easier to use and works more efficiently.

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