iCarbons.com Playstation 4 Carbon Fiber Skin

When I ordered my PS4 a skin was one of the accessories on top of my list to get because I knew there are not really any cases for a gaming system other than skins. Personally, I need something to protect just about every type of electronic equipment I own due to the fact of having kids and there is no telling what could happen. That’s where a skin comes in and saves the day.

I’ve had the PS4 since Day One and did not pull the trigger till recently to get the skin and I wish I had done so earlier. The glossy finish on the PS4 is very scratchable and unfortunately I have already acquired a few minor scratches. If I had a skin applied I could have avoided the light blemishes. Regardless of my outcome, this proves it is worth the investment.


One of the things I love about iCarbons is they provide installation videos for all their skins, meaning they want to set you up for success. If you follow all their tips, you should come out on top with a stellar looking finish! Skins are great products, but only if installed correctly and most faults are from operator error. So please keep that in mind when installing skins.

As far as how the installation went for me, it was easy. The hardest part is placing the skin on the glossy part of the PS4 because it sticks heavier than the matte texture. Other than that, the PS4 is a breeze to install. The flat design really adds the simplicity of the installation and not too mention upon completing the installation the PS4 looks amazing!


Green and black colors were the design I chose for my Playstation. I have grown to like the neon, Android or bright greens as of late and with the black accents, this beast looks sweet! The cutouts are precise and all the edges are flush, leaving the PS4 looking clean. If green is not the color for you there are plenty to choose from, including wood textures.

Do yourself a favor and go grab a skin now! It is worth the investment and will keep your PS4 in mint condition.

Go get the skins HERE!

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