HTC U11 – a sound experience

I’ve had my HTC U11 for just barely over 24 hours and I’m really enjoying it thus far. From the stunning (yes, I’ll use their word) look of the liquid surface on my Amazing Silver color that seems to change from silver to blue and back again, as the light hits it to the “squeeze-ability” of Edge Sense, which lets you take pictures or launch apps with differing degrees of squeezing. I’m finding it useful and easy, not just a gimmick.

But, I’m here to mention the sound of the device. In my unboxing video, which I released on my Mobile Geezer You Tube channel yesterday (find it here: , I played a short demo of the speakers. The U11 has a bottom facing speaker (sort of a woofer) and a front facing speaker at the top that’s akin to a tweeter. It’s this year’s version of HTC’s Boom Sound and to me the sound was fairly impressive. Perhaps not as good as dual front-facing phones, such as on the Axon 7, but quite good.

Tonight, I decided to try the included USonic earbuds having the Active Noise Cancellation built in that plug into the USB-C port at the bottom of the device. I was really impressed. I’m no audiophile, but I did play and sing in pop, rock & roll, rock and jazz bands over a 45-year period, so I know when something sounds really good to me. And this is the real deal.

I sampled from my own library on Google Play Music, playing as many different genres as I could think of to test the sound quality. I tried Al Green’s, Love and Happiness; Billy Joel’s, Just the Way You Are; Bill Wither’s, Lovely Day; Aretha’s, Spanish Harlem; Buddy Miles’, Them Changes; Kool and the Gang’s Get Down on It; Randy Newman’s, I Love L.A. and finally Rimsky Korsakov’s Scheherazade. Yes, I have very eclectic and wide-ranging musical tastes. I was totally impressed with every selection.

I have a lot more testing to do with the HTC U11, but for total quality of sound, this one is hard to beat. If you’re in the market for a phone that really delivers on the sound, you should at least try the HTC U11.

Just my humble opinion.

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George Hayes

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