[How To & Review] iCarbons iPad Mini Carbon Fiber Skin

Skins are a great accessory for your devices because they add an extra layer of protection or if you are the minimalist, a skin can protect your device without the bulk of a case. Carbon fiber material is engineered to withstand more shock and bumps than a standard screen or film protector. The skins are also thin and still protective.


Check out the official video tutorial from iCarbons.com

The installation is rather easy and doesn’t take too much time. But I encourage you to take your time to ensure a clean installation. Here’s the gist of it:

  • Clean the surface
  • Make sure you’re in a dust free zone
  • Peel the skin off and place the paper sideways onto the skin
  • Find reference points like the camera and usb areas
  • Align the skin carefully
  • Do not press the skin all the way down at the top until you are sure the skin is aligned correctly
  • Flatten the top out and then proceed to do the same steps for the bottom
  • I like to flatten the middle and work my way out to the edges
  • The sides will need to have a hot air blow dryer to smooth out the edges

The front is a little different but the same concepts. Watch the videos for the best examples of how to install the front and back protectors. Here’s the gist of it:

  • Start with the top
  • Align and place in the respective areas
  • Once the top is down guide the thin sides down
  • Install the bottom just like the top

2013-08-08 15.45.49


The installation was not too bad. It took me a couple attempts to get it perfect. I am OCD when it comes to screen and skin installations. The front was more difficult to install than the back, but that is because of the thin strips on the sides.

I like how the skin is thin and still protective. If you get one of their screen protectors your whole device will be covered up, with the exception of the corners. I would prefer the corners to be covers because most drops happen on the corner, but I understand why the design leaves the corners open. The corners are left open because the skin would bunch up.

2013-08-08 15.42.12

This skin fits inside of other cases, which allows for additional protection. It is important to cover up the back of the iPad because of how the metal is easily scratched.

Overall this is a great authentic carbon skin for the iPad. iCarbon.com has a great selection of colors and device model options. So be sure to check out the site for your customization options.


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