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Cruzerlite has become one of my favorite case companies over the last few years. They are a fun bunch of Android enthusiasts, I enjoy the interactive posts on the social networks and I love the style of the products. Cruzerlite is a company that compliments the Android experience.

Ever since my OG Moto Droid I have fallen in love with a rooted/modded device. It opened a whole new perspective of the Android Experience. Even when I rocked an iPhone, I still could not live without a jailbroken iPhone. I have owned and loaded TONS of custom ROMS on my devices ever since the legendary OG Droid. In my opinion rooting, romming, modding is all part of the Android experience.


With that in mind Cruzerlite designed The Experience Case. The construction has a unique design with Android icon logos spread out over the back of the case. The familiar stock Android icons such as the microphone, app drawer, browser, messaging app and much more are imprinted on the TPU case.

If you are not familiar with TPU material it is a flexible type of plastic rubbery material that is made to withstand shock and absorb impacts. For case companies like Cruzerlite it adds the ability to mold and shape different styles of cases.


Cruzerlite creates the case to protect from scratches, scrapes, bumps and some drops. The case is raised above the screen which allows you to place the phone faced down or will decrease the chances of a screen break during a fall.

All ports and buttons are fully accessible and easy to operate. The cutouts are precise for the volume, power, USB, camera, microphones and sensors. But the cutouts only line up if you install it correctly. What I discovered was when I installed the case starting at the bottom the led light cutout did not center up. But when I reinstalled the case from the top, it lined up just right. TPU is flexible and stretchable, so one installation might not work as well as another.


The case is smooth but not slippery, which makes it pocketable. The case is also easy to remove but secure while installed. I need to access my SD card often and I need to have a case that will remove easily without damaging the phone or case, Cruzerlite cases are perfect for that need.

Whenever I use an Android device, I always tend to go back to a Cruzerlite case. There is just something about the pocketable, Android pride style and thin design that I like about it. I have tried out MANY cases and Cruzerlite hits the sweet spot.

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