Great protective case for the LG G3 – Seidio DILEX Pro

Seidio has been a long time favorite of Bane Tech because of the quality and support they offer. They offer a wide variety of accessories and I highly recommend their products for your devices. Recently they made an improvement with one of their cases, the Dilex. Prior to this Pro upgrade, the Dilex was made of two layers of an inner layer of silicone and the outer layer with a polycarbonate shell. Silicone is one of my least favorite materials for cases, well at least the flimsy type. This new upgrade is now a tpu type of material that makes the inner layer much stiffer and I like it a lot more.

Silicone cases have never really gained my favor because usually they are a lint magnet, the sides are too flimsy and are not pocketable. Don’t get me wrong the Dilex before this model offered superb drop and impact protection, but the silicone was a deal breaker. I work outdoors with a lawn care and landscaping company and without needing to say, my phone gets dirty. Dirt gets trapped between silicone and the phone way too easy as well. Therefore this new upgrade to the Dilex Pro is a much welcomed improvement!

The Dilex now offers a great protective experience. The case protects not only against drops but keeps the pesky dust out too! Another feature this case offers is a thin design. It does not add much bulk at all. It’s safe to say that the case is smaller than a competitor such as an OtterBox Commuter case.

Other than those new aspects you get the same great kickstand that is metal, magnetic and has a spring to prop the case up. Seidio also offers a nice sturdy holster to compliment the Dilex. I have not used a better holster than what Seidio makes. It’s simply the best. It’s hard, has a felt inside for screen protection, the turns quietly and will fit on most size belts.

This is a case you can’t go wrong with. At this point I have no complaints about the Dilex. Nixing the silicone was a wise move and the only rugged case I’d choose over this one would yet another Seidio case, the Convert Combo.

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