Google Play, Tech stocking stuffers for the holiday gifts for everyone on your list (holidays edition 2014)

It’s that time of the year, love ones love gifts in this digital age? Thanksgiving is here and Christmas is just around the corner so head to and gear up with Google Play because they have you covered! Christmas tech stocking stuffers is in demand, with just a few clicks smiles can be made! Starting with Google play Gift cards, you can never go wrong with that!


How about the Tech side of things, well have a look at the Chromecast a low price of $35USD! This companion device will give your love ones (Mom and Dad) the first step into the Smart TV life! Nest learning Thermostat for your family needs (Price conscious plus saving energy is a beautiful thing)! Make your husband feel big with the Nexus 6/Nexus 9, both great devices for the spouse in your heart! Give your wife a timepiece like the ASUS ZenWatch (Fine watch craftsmanship), and Can’t leave out the kids of course, the all new Nexus Player for $99USD and Gamepad for Nexus Player an additional $39USD! They can download and play thousands of games plus the family can enjoy video entertainment with just a click of the included remote!

06726858-photo-google-chromecastNestLearningThermostat-ScaleNexushandson-11-980x653asus-zenwatch-live-100411697-origNexus Player and Gamepad

Like I said Google Play has you covered! Follow this link for what Google has to offer for the holidays here to find the stocking stuffer just right for your love ones!

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