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[Opinion] Google Should recall/rma the Pixel due to halo defect (Update) 

Google Pixel halo defect is seriously a problem. Google should recall/rma the Google Pixel due to the halo defect. Ever since Danny Winget posted about the halo defect from the camera, I’ve seen tons more complaints about the issue. After seeing the evidence of the defect I was very curious if my Pixel was going to suffer the same fate as it didn’t seem to be a problem with every unit. Unfortunately, the Pixel I received is not free from the halo defect.


Google claims they can fix the issue with a software update. I’m sorry…that’s bull.  Software cannot fix a hardware issue like this. The only fix is to redo the camera build. After spending nearly one thousand bucks on this phone, issues like the halo defect should not be present. At all. How does something like this make it past testing?

No doubt when the halo defect is not affecting the photos or videos, the results are amazing. And that’s what is SO disappointing about the halo defect problem! The camera has YUGE potential to be the best smartphone camera on the market.

Other Examples of the Google Pixel Halo

Jeff Springer put together a video explaining his experience with the halo defect. In the video demonstrates that even when the light source is next to or somewhat behind the camera, the defect is still present. Not to mention the particular light source was his TV.

Earlier today I was shooting a video for a mountain biking club and decided to kill two birds with one stone. Use the Pixel to do a 4K video sample test and use some of the footage for the video project. Not only does the halo appear, but when panning the camera will give a jerking look. With both of these issues going on, it makes it very difficult to produce photos and videos desired.

A few days ago we took the kids to a fall festival and was the first time to truly test out the camera in low light conditions. The results were great and terrible. When the halo wasn’t present, the photos looked spectacular. However, to get those results I had to move the camera around until the halo was not in the picture. Frustrating.

The jerking in video mode could potentially be fixed in a software update, but not the halo. Supposedly Google said they will do some “magic” tweaking to fix the halo. We shall see. I’m not holding my breath. After the software update and if the problem persists, Google needs to own up to the mistake and recall the defective Pixels or at least rma if the update does not fix the issues.

What’s your thoughts?

Update: For those who look too deep into this message. Let me clarify. Recall/rma the defective units. Nowhere did I say a full recall. Rma would be a better term to use.

Update 2: I was able to rma the Pixel and the second device isn’t nearly as bad as the first. This replacement hardly has the halo defect. This proves there are defective units out there and are not as bad as others. Therefore, if your Pixel is not experiencing any problems, no wonder you don’t think it’s a big deal. You can only understand if you had the issue. 

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