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ImageIf you haven’t figured out by now, I am a supporter of CaseCrown. There is more than meets the eye with CaseCrown. The company uses their platform for the GOOD. To start out with they make great quality accessories for devices. While that in itself is great, they also excel in bringing hope to the world. On a regular basis CaseCrown highlights non-profit organizations, out reach programs and various other organizations that want to make a difference in this world.

I love it when companies exist to make the world and their realm of influence a better place. Life is more than just making money or profiting from business. It is about being a light in a dark world. CaseCrown reaches out to organizations that help provide clean water, feed the hungry and house the homeless. Not too mention many many other different ways to help those in need.

CaseCrown started a program called the Giving Project. The Giving Project puts the spotlight on an organization who make a difference in the would in some way. Check the site on a regular basis for new organizations highlighted at difference times.

CaseCrown put together a video that explains the heart behind the company. Check it out below. CaseCrown loves to interact with people so be sure to connect with them on the social networks.


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