Friend Spotlight: Chels Renae Photography

Chels Renae Photography is a photographer I am proud to brag about, mainly because of her work she has done for some photos of my family. She has also captured many friends we know as well. Chelsea has been a long time friend of Christen and we have seen her photography business grown pretty much from the time she started. It is great to see friends take something they love to do and go far with it. I know she stays busy with photography, but always keeps her family first. She loves her kids and I can tell much of her inspiration comes from the love she has for them.

Chelsea is a prime example of someone who simply wants to be creative and help capture those special moments we hold dear in our lives. Chelsea is very generous and is not in this business to become a millionaire, but to flourish in something she loves to do. So check out her Facebook Page, hit that Like button and book your next session!

Check out the bio:

My name is Chels! I am first off a mother of 2 beautiful princesses that are my heart and soul! Secondly, I’m a photographer. I love being able to portray my creativity and the way I see the world, through something that I absolutely love. I’m very proud of my work and I love every client that I have come in contact with! Making long lasting friendships through my work is great! I’m a very laid back person, I love ideas, Pinterestin’ doesn’t bother me as long as it isn’t excessive, and I will wait through a creek, climb a tree, and stomp through mud to get the perfect shot! I hope you love my work as much as I love it! Hopefully I will have the honor of being your photographer for your special event.

I specialize in Couples Portraits, Engagement, Wedding, Maternity, Newborn/Baby, Child, Senior, Equine, and just about anything else that you could possibly think of.

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