30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 3 – The Harrison Family

Around these parts and this time of year is known for The National Peanut Festival. Today my family decided to join our friends, the Harrisons, at the Nut Fest. It’s a yearly tradition for many folks here in the Wiregrass, Tri-State area and this was the first year we went with some friends that we have acquired this past year or so.

We met the Harrisons through our church and we actually knew them this time last year, but we didn’t get involved with our church until maybe this time last year which lead to us getting to know the Harrisons more. Long story short, my wife and I had a plan to move out to California and during the time of preparing we switched churches. We were rather hesitant to get too involved because we didn’t want to get too deep and then up and leave. Well, God and I had a neat conversation about how He wants me to stay here in Dothan and invest here.

Church at the Crossing pretty much was a place (church) we were looking for, for a long time. We wanted a place where people simply wanted to know God more, not religious, genuine and loved people for who they are despite where they are in life. Part of the package of CATC is discovering great friends.

Jarrod has become one of my best friends now and we got connected when I joined the praise band at church. He sings and plays the keys, I play the bass. As we got to know each other more and more through the band, we have become good friends. One of the great perks of our friendship is we both are techies, football fans and love churchy stuff. We have endless topics to talk about with all those interests and hobbies.

Through our friendship, my wife has become good friends with Marci, Jarrod’s wife. Both of our families have kids too! Olivia and Chandler are also great friends. We both have tiny ones, our baby Joe and their little Maddie get along and only being about 1 year old. It’s cute to see our kids get along so well.

*I’d like to highlight that Marci has been a HUGE help to me in my college math class adventure! BIG BIG thanks!

If you can’t tell by now, our families have become great friends and I truly thankful for them. Today as we hung out at the Peanut Festival I was taken back for a moment giving thanks for God for such good friends and relationships we have been blessed with from our church. CATC is really more than just a church to us. It’s a place of connecting to God and people.

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