Enable Facebook photo share & share any photo to Facebook

Facebook version 5.4.2 changed what photos you can share through the app. Prior to this update you could share any photo from any album on your device. Now you are only able to share photos from your Camera Roll. If you would like to learn how to enable photo sharing and how to share photos from any album follow this guide.





Steps Enable Photo Share:

  1. Find the Settings App on the iDevice.
  2. Within Settings, find the Privacy Tab.
  3. Within the Privacy Settings find the Photo option.
  4. Within the Photo option, set the Facebook button to “ON.”
  5. Go to the Facebook App.
  6. Click the Photo Sharing option and choose which Photo to share.

Steps To Share From Any Album:

  1. Go to the Photo App.
  2. Find the album you would like to share from.
  3. Select the photo.
  4. Bottom left side of the photo there is a menu icon
  5. Tap the menu icon.
  6. Select Facebook.
  7. Enter a message and choose what settings you would like.
  8. Tap send.

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