Essential Phone – now you see it – no you don’t

Back in May of this year (see my June 1st article), Android co-founder Andy Rubin said at the Code Conference that his Essential Phone would start shipping in the next 30 days. As the head of the company, one would expect that he would be fairly certain of the facts. Especially, considering Rubin’s vast background in business and mobile marketing. But, it seems that the old adage, “the best laid plans” still applies.

Many of us immediately signed up for pre-orders of the device, hoping to be among the first to get hands on, begin testing the “new kid on the block” and post reviews. Not only has that not happened, due to the ongoing release delay, but the Essential Phone has yet to make an appearance anywhere. Rubin and other officials at Essential are completely mum on what the cause of the delay is and now stories are popping up about executives leaving the company. Business Insider reports that the company’s head of head of communications, Any Fouche´, revealed to them in a recent email that he has departed and, last Friday, Brian Wallace, Essential’s VP of marketing confirmed to Business Insider that he has also exited the company.

Does the combination of delay and departures indicate a “sinking ship?” No one seems to know. Or, at least, no one is talking if they do know. Meanwhile, those of us who got excited about the new device, along with the promised attachable 360 cam, just sit and wait, feeling kind of stupid. Or at least gullible. It’s very understandable to hold back the release of a band new product, if you’re intent on getting it right and want to ensure that the device functions as promised. What’s not so understandable is a refusal to be a bit more open about what’s going on.

I’m just a prospective consumer of the Essential Phone and other products that the company has promised. But, shouldn’t that make me JUST the person that Andy Rubin want’s to please with a good device? Or is Essential going to be another story in the mold of the first release of OnePlus?

With executives bailing out and complete silence from the well-known (and somewhat trusted) Andy Rubin, what is one to think? I’m unsure, but I do know that the longer the silence continues, coupled with the delay, the more my expectations continue to sink.

Source: Business Insider

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