Drop Tech Series by Gumdrop

Roku.com - 100,000+ Movies & TV Episodes at Your Fingertips! Click here!The Drop Tech Case by Gumdrop is a unique case for the iPhone 5. It comes with three layers of protect. A pre-installed screen protector, inner skeleton and a durable outer skin. When I am looking for a multi-layered protective case I want it to be, well, durable. No matter what the case is I want it to be pocketable and the touch screen MUST be flawless. Otherwise I tend to want to find something else to use.

This case passed all my tests of requirements except for the touchscreen. At first the screen protector didn’t act like it was going to be an annoyance, but the more I used it, the more I was having difficulty with the full function of the effortless touch screen experience. Rather than totally discarding the case I did some modifications to the case. I simply removed the screen protector. The case works great and not too mention I already had a screen protector installed. I just didn’t care for the little air space between screen and the screen protector. But thats me. The pre-installed screen protector does give the advantage of resisting liquids and dirt.

Overall the case will give great drop protection and if you leave the pre-installed screen protector on you will have liquid resistance too. I was mainly concerned about having drop protection. I like the orange and blue color combination (Go Gators!). The rugged texture design helps with grip and still has for the most part still has pocketability.

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