high quality smartphone cases

Do you purchase high quality smartphone cases?

There are TONS of smartphone cases to choose from these days! I’ve done many reviews on cases throughout the years. Some cases have been cheap in price and quality, others have been great. I’m curious, what kind of cases do you go after?

A type of case that always intrigues me are the leather snap-on designs. For one, the smell is luxurious! Especially if you get one that real leather, not pleather. Two, those kinds of cases add a touch of class.

If you think about it, you’re spending a bunch of money on a premium smartphone, why not dress it up in something nice too?

Periodically, I get emails about smartphone products and there is a brand I would like to bring attention to, which is Noreve. Noreve makes high quality premium accessories for mobile devices. Their new product page, “Addiction” is quite nice. It’s got a nice texture and modern design.

high quality smartphone cases

Currently, Noreve is having a sale on the Addiction cases.

Addiction : an enchanting collection with the look of a Haute Couture runway show.
Take advantage of this Product Launch Special Offer! 20% off for all items in Addiction finish
Privilege Discount Code: SADDICTION17 – Offer available up to 10/23/2017.

What’s your thoughts? Are these the type of cases you like and purchase? If not, what’s your go-to?

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