BAM Box September 2017

BAM BOX September 2017 – Star Wars, Deadpool, and more!

BAM Box is one of my favorite subscription boxes that I receive on a monthly basis! It comes packed with unique items each time. If you are into nostalgic products, this is the box for you. I think they make great decorations for a game room, man cave, or themed space.

A recent change made to the boxes is that they dropped the themes. By doing so, they have been able to fill the boxes with more and not have to wait for certain items to come in on time to be able to fulfill orders. Great move in my opinion. Just a heads up, spoilers are below, ah crap…never mind, the featured image shows it all.

Deadpool Mask/ Beanie!

This might be my favorite item that came in this month! Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to put it on! The material is just that of a beanie hat, but covers your whole face like a mask. All I need is the rest of the costume now!

BAM Box September 2017


Prints are one of the unique items that come in each box. The prints vary from autographed photos or artwork pieces. Every print comes with a certificate of authenticity. This time around my box came with a BB8 and The Defenders. Not every box is the same. Usually there are about 2 or 3 variations for each print.

BAM Box September 2017 BAM Box September 2017

Other Goodies!

Props are always a nice surprise! A Goonies prop came in and it’s the Spanish Doubloon. Items like this definitely kick in the nostalgia! The Goonies is a classic and I remember watching the movie as a kid. HEY YOU GUYS!!!

BAM Box September 2017

If you like patches, BAM Box is known to include em. We got a Watchmen fan art patch. Not really my thing, but I am sure there are those out there that like this sort of thing.

BAM Box September 2017

Last, the pin. It’s Space Ghost pin. Cool thing about this one is there are only 500 made.

BAM Box September 2017

Purchase Link

Get your BAM Box sent to your doorstep each month. Christmas is right around the corner and would make a great gift!

Get it HERE.

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