DBAcases Ultra Complete Case for the iPhone 5

I’ve got a pretty cool case to take a look at for the iPhone 5. It is the Ultra case made by DBAcases. The Ultra is also available for the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3. A couple fun facts is that the materials used are made from the same materials used in bullet proof glass and the canopy of a F-22 fighter jet! Those two facts catches my attention right off the bat. The Ultra case has two layers of protection of a polycarbonate outer shell and a TPU inner skin. Both materials are very durable. I like all the color options available and lately I have been diggin the lime green color. If you don’t like bright colors there plenty of other colors to select. Best part is that you can mix and match any of the colors offered.


Functionality is an important aspect of case. The case needs to compliment the device without taking away from the experience. I was please to discover that the Ultra case works well with the functions of the iPhone. The first things I like to test out is the buttons and ports. The volume and power controls are covered up which protects against dust, dirt and lint. It also adds protection against drops and bumps. Protection is great but I need the buttons to be easily pressed without any hinder. The buttons do however require a little extra effort compared to as if the case was not installed. This was a minor set back and not a big deal to me because the buttons worked well. I didn’t have to forcefully press the buttons down to engage the functions. The vibration rocker has a nice precise cutout and I had no problems reaching the switch to toggle the vibrate on and off.

One of the deal breakers for me when it comes to choosing a case of the headphone jack access. I have come across some cases that only are able to fit a skinny headphone jack. Not all my audio cables have a skinny head. Some are thicker or have a “L” shape design. Good news! My “L” shape and thick jacks fit right in! No issues at all. I also tested out the fit for a 30-pin to 8-pin adapter and it fit just fine. I believe this case will work well with most docks too. I don’t have a dock to test it out, but my suspicious think that most should work well.


The feel of the case is important to me. The extra grip design on the sides helps reduce the chance of slipping out of the hand. The texture of the whole case is not slippery but it is smooth. Another deal breaker for me is whether or not the case is pocketable. The Ultra fits in and out of a pocket with ease and it’s not bulky.

Protection is of course a huge factor in choosing a case for your beloved device. I have grown to like the TPU and polycarbonate designs. The are durable materials and they won’t break or crack if dropped. The TPU in this case acts like a cushion and braces the device for impact. The polycarbonate gives that extra layer of protection against drops, bumps and spills. The material is also scratch resistant which helps the case looking good for a long time. With all those factors combined it leaves you with a good investment. You won’t need to go out and another case just because the one you have got dropped and so forth.


The case is raised above the screen which will allow you to place the phone face down on a smooth surface but it is raised above the screen enough that if the case is dropped you should be protected against a good size impact. The corners have double layered protection. Corner protection is very important because many drops happen on a corner of a device.

Overall I was impressed with the Ultra. The complete design was well thought out. It protects, looks good and works well with accessories. If you are looking a well protective case that looks good and is pocketable check this case out. Pick you case up over at DBAcases.com or click here. Thanks to DBAcases for sending this case for review.

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