Anniversary Week – Year Three – Additions

Looking back at 2010 its hard to remember anything past the birth of our first child, Olivia Joy Bane. She by far was the biggest highlight of the year. 

My job status slowed down that year. In March I finally had to quit the Sheriff’s Office and I joined forces with Green Creations for the second time. The rest of the year I was working for TIm and went on through 2012. I ended up going IRR (Inactive Ready Reserve) with the Reserves. 

July 7th, 2010 changed our lives. Olivia was born. I was a nervous Daddy. I never grew up around kids but fortunately Christen was well versed in raising kids. She raised her siblings her whole life, pretty much. Christen taught me a lot but at the same time we had a grace over our little family. Some things came natural concerning taking care of my little girl. 

One of the things we felt strongly about was what people spoke over our family. Things like “You better get your sleep now, cause you won’t when she is born.” or anything with a negative connotation that basically said that parenting sucks. People were quick to share all the negatives that happened to them. So we would fire back “That was your experience, doesn’t mean it will be ours.” I really believe God honored that heart. Olivia has been a blessing. Not a burden. We love her. 

2010 was a pretty good year. Family was getting along better and Olivia was such a great gift from God. My Dad was such a proud Grandpa. He soaked up every moment with Olivia. 

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