Custom Quick settings

Default quick settings not enough for you? Add app shortcuts, web links and custom toggles to your quick settings without root using Custom Quick Settings.

Here’s how to set it up!


1. First you’ll be greeted with a start screen telling you to enable System UI Tuner. To do this long press on the settings cog in your quick settings to enable System UI Tuner.


2. You need to select ‘UNDERSTOOD,’ this is just to confirm that you know this is an experimental feature, and may be a little buggy at times. (I haven’t had any problems so far).


3. Then you need to select the ‘Quick Settings’ at the top of the menu. This will open the visual System UI Tuner which allows you to rearrange the icons, add or take away however you please.

4. After this you need to select ‘Add Tile,’ located at the bottom of the screen. Then select ‘Broadcast Tile’. This allows you to type in the source of where you will be adding the custom tiles.

5. In all upper case type ‘CUSTOMTILE0’ with no spaces, then click ok. You can now continue the rest in the app.


6. When you go back to the app check the ‘I have done this’ box and then click continue. It will take you to another screen which you use to setup the settings, links and app shortcuts.


7. Click, the tick button and you will see a little preview of your shortcut, link or toggle at the top.


7. Once you know which app, setting or link you want then type in the name, select from thousands of Google icons to represent your custom link.


9. Finally go to your quick settings and admire you custom settings toggle ;).

One thing that is a little disappointing is that for each of your custom settings you have to add a new tile and name it ‘CUSTOMTILE1, CUSTOMTILE2’ etc.. This is slightly annoying. But as this is still experimental feature in Android, I’ll let it off. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and don’t forget run downstairs and leave a comment if you’re unsure of anything.


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