CoolStream Bluetooth 3.0 Stereo Headphones w/ Mic for Smartphone’s & Tablets

When looking for a simple over the ear price worthy Bluetooth audio headset for your mobile connected device like a Tablet or Smartphone for music, video, YouTube, and much more (yes that rolls over the tongue quite well my bad); price smart consumers/ customers like myself, but with audio quality in mind, well have a look at CoolStream Bluetooth Devices of Wireless Music! CoolStream Rocks is there MO and they bringing us a great set of Bluetooth 3.0 Stereo Headphones plus great audio at a low price when it comes to mobile audio solutions! I had the honors of receiving this device straight from CoolStream courtesy of Bane-Tech! So let me give you my real life experience with this device and hope it helps all when choosing CoolStream as your trusted Bluetooth retailer!


The good

In my time with this device over 3 weeks of travel State-to-State waiting and sitting in a airport/ airplane, at home all over my apartment phone stationary in one place, and running on my time off from work! I find this device a great solution in most aspects! The sound is punchy and not overbearing resulting in a well implemented audio solution! No over kill or Dr. Dre boom boom bass, but clean stereo quality over Bluetooth! Battery life for me has been good, running at times of 4 hours the battery was dead after continuous music playback! At 3 hours and 40 minutes I would get beep notifications that the battery was going to die. It only took me 1 hour and 40 minutes to recharge the headsets with a 1 amp charger!


The bad

The only bad things I can say at this point with my 3 weeks time of use with this device. First my hair (dreads), big hair that’s me but I wish the headphones could extend longer but that’s a me problem and maybe you as well. Next a more universal problem is phone quality when making and receiving phone calls, not so good on both ends. The sound quality is tinny and quiet on both ends of the line! Last when the battery was going dead I would get beep notifications over and over again, resulting in audio cutting outs every 15 seconds nonstop till the battery died!


If you are looking for a simple over the ear price worthy Bluetooth audio headset, CoolStream is the way to go! Pricing at $39.99 for the white variant and there is a Black option as well! I love and use them each day, a great bang for your buck. Please note in my experience with the white variant, not great for making phone calls but for me I don’t do that anyways with headphones just a FYI! So my time with them has been great and love the music experience! Cheers all, thanks, plus feel free to give your experience in this post, on our YouTube video review at the bottom, and on other social media!!!



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