JOOAN 366 HD 720p Cloud IP Camera Wireless Camera Video Monitor With Two Audio Remote Monitoring

JOOAN 366 HD 720p Cloud IP Camera Wireless Camera Video Monitor With Two Audio Remote Monitoring is an easy user friendly monitoring camera that anyone can learn to use. That fact alone is my favorite feature about this camera. Granted there are tons of great features to talk about and we will get into that through this review; but I want to point out that this camera can be used for the home or business and is simple to setup. Some ideas or ways you can use this camera is as a security camera, baby monitor, intercom system, and workshop monitor.

As I have mentioned this camera is easy to setup and the box includes everything you need to get going. First plug in the Ethernet and power cables, then get your phone or tablet ready. The box has three qr codes that are for the iOS and Android apps along with the camera id and password. Once you download the app all you have left to do is create an account and add the camera. To add the camera select settings option on the top right side of the app, scroll down, and press “Add device.” Then press the qr code button, scan the small qr code on the box or bottom of the camera, type in the password, and follow any other prompts it pops up. That’s all there is too it to set it up initially.


The rest of the settings are preferences such as resolution, activating alarms, and other settings such as sensitivity. Once you get all your preferences selected it’s time to mess around and discover everything the camera can do. Some of the features I like the most is the rotating head that you can control from your app and the alerts.


Key Features:

  • Pan/Tilt Functionality: Cover wider areas of your home with a single camera.
  • High Definition Video: 720p resolution for crisp, confident clarity
  • Night-Vision- Built-in IR LEDs to monitor your home even in complete darkness up to 30ft
  • MicroSD card slot: Allows you to record video directly onto the camera and view at a later time
  • Built in Wireless and a 10/100 Ethernet port for flexible and flawless connection throughout your home and easy to install anywhere. With built-in speaker and microphone, listening and responding in real time. Accessible with free iPhone and Android apps MIPC. Scan the QR code to quick log-in.

The only problem I had with the camera was not actually the camera’s fault. I was not able to setup the camera using WiFi and that’s because my Apple router does not have a WPS button to sync between the camera and router. However, I am able to connect the camera to my WiFi if I unplug the Ethernet cable and leave it connected to the power source. I would love to have the camera apart from my router, but until I get something else I will have to use it while tethered to the router.

Other than the non-wireless setup I would like to have, there are no complaints from me at all. This is a quality IP camera that anyone can use.

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