Chromecast Giveaway

Xposed Framework Google+ Community, Marshall and Bane Tech are teaming up for a giveaway! The prizes are two Google Chromecasts. The giveaway is in celebration of reaching a new milestone in the Xposed Framework G+ Community. That milestone is gaining 1000 members!

Since the announcement of us having something up our sleeves, there has been a nice boom in growth and we look forward to adding more members to this great G+ Community. This community is packed with many people who love Android, Xposed Framework and simply like to help people get the most out of their devices.

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Over 1000 members  so new look, visual help, and a Giveaway for the People that love this community we love and have… read this post to find out more and cheers

Xposed frameworks is hot and a must have, plus we love how innovation has done us Android enthusiast a bonus to the mobile computing and gaming platform. Whether it may be AOSP(stock OS from Google), custom roms like (cyanogenmod), or touchwiz (AKA Samsung UX what they are calling it today) we have Xposed frameworks to add a great back bone to mod/get what we need out of Android. rovo89, his link to this installer and the Xposed framework repository link starts here, just a start to the fun and mods that you get with a custom rom (but without the custom rom).

So have fun and do all you need in Android. In Celebration of this community now reaching over 1000 members we have something new to share with you all.

New Look: Jimmy Jones has added a new look and feel to this community’s picture we have now, so yes a new look. Please add and give thanks to him for his artwork and time he put in (Thank you Jimmy Jones for your wonderful idea and picture we now have).

Visual help: Joshua Bane. YouTube channel is here. Please feel free to subscribe, plus 1, and view his YouTube channel. He will be making and has started doing Xposed videos, Playlist link here, so please feel free to check him out.

Lastly, a Giveaway for all of you wonderful Android Xposed hackers out there. We will be doing a giveaway of the Google (Nexus, what Im call it) Chromecast to 2 lucky members of this community. To win simply use the entry form below. That’s it, very simple to do. You all have 7 days to do this and it will start on Sunday Feb. 23rd, 2014 throught March 2nd, 2014.

I would like to give thanks to you all for being here with your great ideas, screenshots, questions, and answers. As my good friend +zedomax would say it “We live every day High on Android” lol and cheers to you all.

Xposed Chromecast Giveaway

*This is an international giveaway. However, if the winner(s) are outside the USA, the winner(s) must pay shipping. Thanks for understanding and good luck!

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