CaseCrown iPhone 5c Cases – Clear Mist, Red Lux & Duo Grip

casecrown iphone 5c group pic CaseCrown was one of the companies I was looking forward to seeing what products they were going to carry for the new iPhone 5c. Mainly because of the array of colors Apple presented with this new batch of phones. My question was how was a case company going to accommodate these colors and if I am to purchase a colorful iPhone how will a case keep from contradicting the good lookin iPhone? Because let’s be honest, the new iPhone 5cs already look pretty sweet! CaseCrown did a fantastic job of providing some great choices to match your taste in style and not too mention protection, can’t forget about protection! DSC04469 For this review I have the Clear Mist and Red Lux (Purple Duo Grip will be added to this post soon). Both of these cases are thin, pocketable and easy on the eyes. Personally, out of the three cases I like the Clear Mist the best. I really like the idea of seeing the blue iPhone 5c through the case, it’s not 100% transparent (hence the name Mist) and is not glossy. I’m not too much of a fan of glossy surfaces as they tend to be fingerprint magnets. DSC04464 The Clear Mist is not your typical snap-on case either. Normally the top and bottom edges are left exposed, which is fine for accessory accessibility. But it does in fact leave that area open for opportunities for blemishes, scratches, etc. to happen. For the the Clear Mist the top is completely covered leaving only the bottom exposed. But again I like to point out this feature helps out with accessory compatibility, such as docks and headphone jacks. The Red Lux, which comes in a variety of colors, is a slide-on style case. These style cases have become one of my favorite designs for a case because of the extra protection they offer. Normally, the material is denser and all edges are covered. The Lux is no exception. The case is also slightly raised above the screen helping protect the screen when placing the phone face down on a flat smooth surface. The finish is a matte touch and remains smooth for a pocketable case, while not being slippery. DSC04476 The Duo Grip is made of a TPU inner skin and an outer shell of polycarbonate. The case still remains rather thin even with the two layers of protection. If you want to, you could actually just use the inner skin as a case without the outer shell. But you mind as well add the extra layer for more protection. These cases are really great to check out if you’re looking for a minimal, stylish and protective case for your colorful iPhone 5c. Personally, if I had to only choose one case out of this set, I would choose the Clear Mist. I really like seeing the blue through the case and how it just about doesn’t feel like it’s there. The Clear Mist just about feels like I am holding an iPhone and not a case. Best of all, great prices! Check the links below!

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Clear Mist, Lux & Duo Grip

CaseCrown Omni Case for Apple iPhone 5

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