30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 7 – Billy Graham


Today on Fox New Channel aired a program that has been planned by ┬áBilly Graham for quite some time. This event is called “My Hope America.” Earlier this morning Franklin Graham was on Fox and Friends talking about the program that aired tonight and I was taken back by all the memories I have had of Billy Graham throughout my life.

Growing up in the Baptist world you would have to be living under a rock not to know who Billy Graham is. I’m still shocked when I hear of people who have not heard his name. In my opinion his name is just about as popular as Jesus Christ himself. That’s the world I grew up in.

Billy stood strong with the message of John 3:16 “For God so loved the World that He gave His one and only Son, that whosoever believes in Him will not perish, but have eternal life.” Billy Graham spoke the message of the cross and love of God. His son Franklin is an amazing man as well, along with other family members who now take on the legacy of spreading the message of God’s love.

As mentioned before, Franklin shared with Fox and Friends about how his father wanted to preach one more sermon or message. Unfortunately, due to his health (95 years old today) he could not stand in a pulpit. In result, Franklin and his Dad came up with a plan speak a message in a different format. They put together a 30 minute show featuring the lead singer of FlyLeaf and hip hop artist Lecrae. Both of whom gave their testimonies of coming to know God in a very personal and powerful way.

PrayerPosterAs I am writing this post I am emotional. I’m not quite sure of how to express what is going through my mind, body and soul as I comprehend that I might have just heard and witnessed Billy Graham’s last sermon/message. Humorously, my Mom tells the joke of how she has had the belief of when Billy Graham passes away Jesus would then come back. As silly as that may sound, Billy as had that kind of effect on people for generations now. He means a lot to the Christian community.

Personally, if Billy Graham was around when Jesus and the Disciples lived on earth, he would in fact have his own book of the Bible, his name would be in the Hall of Faith and would be quoted from in the scriptures. I hope Billy sticks around for many more years.

While I was writing this post Sean Hannity had a follow up show with a few people who know Billy Graham, one of whom is a relative and he mentioned something that has been convicting me the last few days, he said, “I learned more from him from what he did privately, than what he did publicly.” Lately, I have not been representing the Father’s love to my children as I am supposed to be like. My belief is how my kids see me is how they see the Father. I want my kids and loved ones to learn good from me from what I do privately, than what I do publicly.

With all that said, I am extremely grateful and thankful for Billy Graham and for what he represents. He is milemarker in this life and I hope to carry that same message of hope, love and grace of God as Billy carried for so many years. My Dad had such respect and honor towards Billy Graham. Honestly, watching Billy Graham speak on the show I was reminded of my Dad. Both men love God and want to serve the Lord until they are called home to Heaven. My Dad beat Billy to the punch, but I know if my Dad was still around, he would be serving and not resting until he could do something for God. Such great legacies to admire and be encouraged to leave my own legacy.

Watch the program by clicking HERE

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