Best phone & battery for Pokemon Go!

Pokemon GO has taken over the internet. I’ve never seen such a craze like this and not too mention over a game! In just 48 hours Pokemon GO has more users than Twitter! In just 48 hours Pokemon GO achieved what Michelle Obama couldn’t do in 8 years combatting childhood obesity. Joking aside, the game is fun, interactive, and causing people to get out of the house. Personally, I was never a Pokemon fan, but there’s something about this game that makes me want to play. Whether you’re a noob like myself or a veteran player, we all have something in common. We need the best phone and the best battery to allow optimal game play with Pokemon Go.

I’ve seen a ton of posts about the best portable batteries (even our own writer, Sachin made a great post), but I have not seen the best combo concerning getting the best phone and battery for playing Pokemon Go. If you want to eliminate wires, extra bulk, and the freedom from being tethered; keep reading.

Two Important Factors

There are two important factors while playing Pokemon Go. First, battery life. Secondly, seeing the screen well. If my phone is draining battery fast, I’ll obviously not be able to play the game long, let alone other functions I use my phone for. Therefore, to play Pokemon GO effectively, a phone with good battery life is needed.

Along with good battery life, you’ve got to be able to see the screen in broad daylight well. There’s not many phones that have good screen brightness in direct sunlight. Screen brightness plays right into battery life. So you’ve got to have a phone with good battery life that can handle having the screen full blast.

Best phone and battery for Pokemon Go!

The Galaxy S7 Edge with a battery case is the best way to play Pokemon GO.

The S7 Edge already has one of the bigger batteries compared to other smartphones, has screen brightness boosts, and can add double battery life with a battery case. Not too mention the Galaxy S7 Edge has an inner cooling system to help protect the phone from overheating.

Battery Life

Battery life is already an important factor with normal use of a smartphone. So by adding a game that uses GPS, requires the screen to remain on, and tracks movement; you’re gonna want a phone that can handle that kind of workload. The Galaxy S7 Edge has a 3,600mAh battery, which is a good size and one of the bigger available.

Additionally, on top of the good battery life from the Galaxy S7 Edge, you can add a battery case to give double the life. The battery case I have used only costs about $35 on Amazon and is 6800mAh! There’s the trusted brand of Mophie who sells a 3300mAh protective power case on Amazon for a whopping $99 as well. Whatever one you get, you’re going to extend your gaming experience.

Pokemon GO

Screen Brightness

From some observations, I’ve noticed many people squinting at their screens while trying to play the game. The game already takes your attention and it can heighten more risk of not watching your surroundings. With the S7 Edge, you’re able to crank up the screen brightness making it very easy to see in the blazing sun. Thus, letting you pay more attention to your surroundings, along with being easy on the eyes.

Long story short, right now the best phone and battery for playing Pokemon Go is the Galaxy S7 Edge with a battery case. The battery case allows you to be tether free and the GS7E lets ya see the screen well in broad daylight.

What tactics have you been using to get the best Pokemon GO gaming experience?

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