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Best password app period.

The best password app is 1Password and is the only password app you need.

1Password is the best app period. I spend a lot of time online, and I have various social media accounts, emails, online shopping accounts; and off course this all comes with a price. Password! Everything nowadays comes with a password, I bet my fridge will have a password in a couple years!

I never used to trust any of the password apps, because you needed an account and some offer a subscriptions service. You heard that right! People want to charge me so that I can access my passwords. Eventually after a couple of month I came across 1Password, this was also recommended by 9to5Mac too.

It is a very simple app, you can have an account, or you can sign in with Dropbox which allows you to sync the passwords as they are encrypted in the app. You can easily sort your passwords out into categories, to organize them. 1Password provides simple templates for different login credentials too. All you need is one ‘Master Password’ to remember to gain access to all of your passwords in one place.

Best password app


One of the best features of the app is the fact that you have a choice as to where your password information resides. For example, you can use iCloud, Dropbox, or 1Password’s own 1Password.com service to sync secure information across devices. You can also keep all of your password and other credentials offline and sync locally via Wi-Fi. Whatever you decide, you can have peace of mind knowing that your information remains encrypted end-to-end.

Best password app

Fingerprint Support 

To access the 1Password app, you’re required to authenticate with either a password or you fingerprint for deeper security integration. If you’ve established a complex master password, entering it can be very tedious. Fortunately there’s Touch ID and Android fingerprint support, which makes it much easier.

Best password app

Software Licenses

Instead of scavenging through old emails in search of software licenses, why not store those licenses for easy access in 1Password? Not that I have used this feature yet, but looking at it, it sounds to be very helpful as everything really should be digital these days.

Best password app

Generating Passwords

1Password make it super easy to generate new passwords, but you can also have create a password recipe which follow specific rules and characters to meet more specific requirements.

One-time Passwords

Instead of using Google Authenticator or Authy, 1Password give you the option to you can access all of your one-time passwords for two-step authentication right inside of 1Password.


1Password for Mac, iOS and Android is free to download, but some features, like one-time passwords, require a $9.99 in-app purchase. iCloud and DropBox syncing are free, but 1Password’s built-in syncing service is available for a monthly fee. If you only use 1Password on the Mac and on iOS, then iCloud syncing should be able to meet your needs, but if you use 1Password on a multi-platform like myself,  you may want to consider using DropBox or 1Password.com.

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