Backdrops – A unique wallpaper app for Android

Backdrops is a brand new-ish wallpaper app that has found its ground with the Android fans and it is worth a look because of its selection, design, and approach to getting social with phone prettiness.

First of all, the app has hundreds of custom made wallpapers for you to choose from. Many of these wallpapers are Materially Designed (which I personally enjoy), some are edited photography, others are super minimal and just damn right neat. There are five main tabs (Categories, Collections, Explore, Community and Favorites) at the top which you swipe between. There are categories to help you find wallpapers which you are personally interested in as they act like filters. I think that this is a beautifully designed app which aids in the ability to find just the right wallpaper for you. You can even upload some yourself, which means you are giving back to a community who loves to share wallpaper.

The app also features a wallpaper of the day, which highlights different developers and credits them for their own work. You can favorite your ‘favorite’ wallpapers which you like, so that you can come back to it. There are also curated packs which the app developers produce themselves and only those who have a premium account, have access to it. Personally I have the premium account which means that I have access to more wallpapers and also I can download and share the ones that I really love.

Feel free to take the free version for a spin and get that home screen in order. If you like, there is a $1.99 in-app purchase that unlocks the full experience.



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